‘Hands Up’ Survey 2021 – Last Chance!

Sharnie Stuart
Mount Lawley Primary School

Mount Lawley Primary School (MLPS) entered in the Hands Up Your Move competition between 1 – 5 November 2021. From random selection, MLPS won $100! MLPS’s Traffic Management Group (TMG) decided to purchase 5 x $20 vouchers at a local cycling store, Malaga Cycles. These $20 vouchers will come in handy for future event prizes!

Thank you so much to all of the Department of Transport’s Your Move team representatives for their efforts this year, it hasn’t been unnoticed. Each step makes a difference!

As a token of our appreciation and to support the Your Move program and its statistical analysis, the MLPS TMG has created a ‘step by step process' of analysing previous & current Hands Up surveys. Check out our 'attached file' link below!

Merry Christmas and / or Happy Holidays!

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James (Your Move)

Hi Sharnie. I'm excited about your 'step by step' guide! It seems the attachment didn't work though - I have sent you a separate email on the matter. I'll make sure my colleagues get wind of your appreciation too. You have earned 10 points for your team meeting where you decided on these prizes and another 10 points for sharing the additional thoughts and reflections.

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Trevor (Your Move)

All fixed guys... this is such a great resource that you've shared Sharnie, thanks for creating it! :)

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Hi James, thanks for this! Hi Trevor, no problems at all. It's a Christmas gift to the Your Move team from MLPS Traffic Management Group! 😁

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