Mount Lawley Primary School Traffic Management Plan

Neil Brodie
Mount Lawley Primary School

Like many schools, Mount Lawley Primary School (MLPS) has challenges with school traffic congestion, particularly at school drop off and pick up times. There was evidence of concerning and unsafe driving, and instances of antisocial behaviour towards neighbours of the school which led to the formation of a P&C School Traffic Management Group (TMG).

To ensure good governance and alignment on purpose a Terms of Reference was firstly created and endorsed by the P&C. A critical element was the commitment to deliver an effective Traffic Management Plan to the School.

When we commenced development of our plan we were surprised to find very few examples that we could leverage to get started so to help others we have shared our completed Traffic Management Plan here.

This plan describes the key school traffic issues that require robust management, the behavioural change promotions and communications that have worked for us as we continue to influence safe driving behaviours, and our successful efforts to encourage alternatives to driving.

Regarding Alternative Transport, TMG found the Your Move resources extremely helpful, in particular the many activities and resources on the Your Move website and the annual events calendar. These helped deliver our Year 1 Bicycle Education Sessions and Ride2School Day activities which included a visit by Police to coach our students on how to safely get and from school on bikes and scooters. Both events have led to a significant increase in riding and scooting to school.

Our School Traffic Plan has proved invaluable with supporting our Your Move and other activities. It is a living document that we hope will help sustain and act as a playbook for the future.

We have shared our plan in the hope that it is useful for others on their School Traffic and Your Move journeys and would be happy to act as buddies or answer any questions you may have.

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Thank you Neil. I went looking for your School Traffic Management Plan after the Forum last week. I work at City of Cockburn Engineering and was wanting an example to inspire local schools.

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James (Your Move)

This is excellent Neil - you have pulled together an incredibly comprehensive Traffic Management plan and have linked in really well with active travel in general and Your Move in particular. Through this you have earned 25 points for getting a plan together to increase active travel. Your level of detail in the story has earned you 10 points and there is another 20 point bonus for sharing your very useful plan.

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