Promoting safety messages in fortnightly MLPS school newsletter

Honi Adolphson
Mount Lawley Primary School

Promoting strong safety messages is a consistent theme in the Mount Lawley Primary School (MLPS) fortnightly newsletters.

Supported by the MLPS Principal, staff and P&C, the MLPS Traffic Management Group (TMG) has a standing section in the newsletter and writes the articles.

The newsletter section aims to:

  • Support MLPS road safety messages;
  • Remind the school community about road safety rules and guidelines;
  • Promote and encourage alternative transportation methods to and from school;
  • Promote and encourage participation in upcoming TMG-driven initiatives; and
  • Share news on recent events and progress made on our school traffic management initiatives.

The newsletters are published on the MLPS website and the MLPS Connect website.

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James (Your Move)

Hi Honi - thanks for sharing these newsletter articles and congratulations on your recent award! I see that your Travel Fest was planned for Nov 27th - don't forget to give us an update on that (lots of points available judging by what was planned!). The Ride to School day mentioned in the second story - was that the one held earlier on in the year, or did you do another one? You have earned 22 points for having an article in your T4 newsletter, plus 10 points for including the actual stories.

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