Term 4 Newsletter - WA Bike Month 2021

Sharnie Stuart
Mount Lawley Primary School

Wow Term 4 already! WA Bike Month in conjunction with the Mount Lawley Primary School (MLPS) 5 minute walking ped sheds has been the focus of Term 4's newsletters so far. Thanks to West Cycle's WA Bike Month logo and pics the MLPS newsletters have been spruced up with colour!

The MLPS P&Cs Traffic Management Group aims to promote active transportation where possible. The MLPS fortnightly newsletter is such a great platform to convey these sustainable messages.

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James (Your Move)

That is a great promo you did for Bike Month Sharnie. Your 5 minute park and walk initiative definely warrents linking the story to the "Get involved in Bike Month" activity, so that means that you can do another story on an upcoming newsletter this term and still get the full 22 points for that 😁. It is nice to hear that the proceeds of your World Car Free Day event went to MK - such an inspiring organisation! You have also earned 10 points for sharing the full content of your newsletter.

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