In preparation for our meeting with the City of Armadale, and our upcoming West Cycle site visit, the NBPS staff team conducted an infrastructure audit.

The audit required a comprehensive site assessment to determine the accessibility and quality of our amenities, including parking facilities and pedestrian access. We are presently reviewing modifications to our main carpark, so it's the perfect time to make some changes!

Though we were already aware of some issues with our existing infrastructure, completing the audit helped us to delve deeper to identify a comprehensive range of issues.

We used the template attached to this activity, and found it helpful to include explicit actions in each category where facilities were unsatisfactory. This way, it is very clear what changes need to be made, and what aspects each change will address.

We plan to review our audit at the end of 2021 to assess our progress and determine next steps. Our Your Move staff team are in the process of writing a Traffic Management Plan, and the data collected via the audit will be very useful in directing our plan's focus. Feel free to check out our audit and use it to help you develop your own - finding a detailed model was pretty tricky!!

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James (Your Move)

Another great 'inside story' of your experiences in Your Move, Heather - thanks! I like the way you approach these activities and I think other schools will really appreciate you sharing your learnings. Yes I think we should update our template to include actions - thanks for that tip too! You have earned 40 points for undertaking the audit, a big 20 points for sharing so many thoughts and reflections and 10 points for sharing your template.

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Hey James - thanks for your comment! Believe it or not, we had a great time conducting the audit...was a great opportunity to get out and about!

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