Our student team, alongside our parent volunteers, lead the charge in brainstorming the key issues faced at Neerigen Brook Primary School.

It’s so important that we keep the needs and ideas of our students in mind as we work through Your Move activities. One major way we’ve incorporated student voice into daily life at NBPS is by displaying our brainstorm loud and proud in the Principal’s office.

The key issues, as spotted by students and parents, are front and centre as our Principal leads the team in making key operational decisions.

We’ve agreed to focus on promoting community safety in Term 2. Some of the roadblocks to safe travel to and from school include:

  • High traffic flow before and after school.
  • High speed limits on surrounding roads, including limits of 70 km/h.
  • Limited access to footpaths.

There’s plenty of things on the horizon to tackle these issues, but our Term 2 approach will focus on:

  • Discussions with the Armadale Council about infrastructure improvements.
  • Working with West Cycle to complete our Safe Routes to School project.
  • Promoting crossing guard training opportunities in our community.

As the term progresses, we’ll be sure to post more updates detailing our challenges and successes.

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James (Your Move)

Nice stuff Heather! As a team you seem to have really nailed the brainstorming process and have come up with a very practical action plan. Are you in contact with Armadale's Health and Wellbeing Officer, Kirsten? Great idea to team up with West Cycle. On top of the 25 points for the "Define issues and make a plan" activity, you have earned 20 extra points for sharing so many details of your process and outcomes.

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Hey James - thanks for your comment! We worked with Kirsten last term to organise the blender bike for Ride to School Day, and it was phenomenal! We're looking forward to collaborating more with the Armadale Council - they do some great stuff :)

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