We're currently in the process of organising our next steps here at Neerigen Brook PS. We've accomplished lots (yay!), but now our next mission is a daunting one: get organised!

After sifting through all of our resources to upload to Microsoft Teams (AKA my fave computer program) and completing a well-overdue infrastructure audit, it was clear to see what we were missing...a clear action plan!

Putting a plan together required brainstorming a clear image of where we'd like to be this time next year. With that scene in mind, we wrote five goals that we felt would best get us to this point.

Murdoch University's amazing post on writing an action plan was immensely useful in structuring our own - thanks, guys!

We categorised down our next steps into one of four areas: information, engagement, policies & practices, and facilities. Each action was clearly marked with a cost, time frame, main beneficiaries, key organisers, as well as which goal(s) it aligned with.

Forming a concise action plan has been instrumental in determining our direction for the latter part of 2021. It's a work in progress, but we're pretty happy with how far we've come so far - on to the next goal! Check out the attached document for a look at our working version of the strategic plan.

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James (Your Move)

Wow Heather! What can I say - your action planning prowess is giving me project management envy 😉. Great to see peer learning happening - and I think others will benefit from your story too. You have earned 25 points for "defining your issues and making a plan", 30 bonus points for it being such an outstanding plan, 20 points for your detailed story and another 20 for sharing such a useful document. Go Team Neerigen Brook! PS - unfortunately the "Make a Travel Plan" activity is actually for the Your Move Workplace program so you can't get the 100 points for that, but with all the bonuses you have ended up with pretty much the same amount of points 😊.

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Thanks, James! I think I'd better start reading the fine print of the activities, haha. Cheers for all the points - yes, I hope our plan will help others with theirs :)

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