Back again!

Noranda Primary school


It’s been a new world we are living in at the moment and I have not been able to get on with any stories.

Late last term we had a ride to school day.

Our committee members helped with the promotion by designing posters and putting them around the school.

They also helped with the organising of the morning, together with the deputy they helped give out prizes and stickers.

Our committee helpers made sure that all students had some delicious watermelon and cold oranges.

Due to the current situation some of the ideas for the term have been put on hold, but liaising with the principal last week we have decided to have a dress up your bike day sometime this term.


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James (Your Move)

Good to see Norada PS is firing up again! I'm glad you didn't let this event slip through the net - it has earned you 40 YM activity points. With watermelon and oranges I hope it was a nice warm day! It is good to hear also that together with your principal, the team is coming up with some new plans to adapt to the current situation.

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