Celebrating our success of our 2023 program!

Chad Barns
Noranda Primary School

The Your Move team at Noranda Primary School proudly affixed our 2023 gold sticker to the Your Move Sign outside the library, commemorating our fifth consecutive year participating in the program. With a collection featuring both Gold and Platinum stickers, Noranda Primary School's dedication to active transportation shines brightly. The 2024 team is already setting ambitious goals and has initiated collaborative efforts, sharing a plethora of innovative ideas to encourage active and healthy commuting to and from school. We eagerly anticipate our first event, Ride2School Day, scheduled for Friday, March 22nd!

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This is inspiring! Congratulations on such a sustained and top effort to all involved! 🎉✨ 15 points have been awarded for your milestone celebration and 10 for your story detail. We can't wait to see what happens in 2024! 😄

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