Carpool to School !

Zarina Sallie
Noranda Primary School

The staff at Noranda Primary School had their first active transport challenge on the first day of term 3.

Our staff members were challenged to carpool and to take a funny photo of them enjoying the moment. We had some very creative photos and the day started with lots of fun and excitement.

Our aim is to reduce the number of cars in our car park and by introducing a fun element, we are hoping it will get staff to connect with other staff members in their area. We had 12 staff members taking part in the challenge and were are aiming for this to become a regular habit at Noranda.

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James (Your Move)

They certainly seem to be having fun in the photos - I bet there are some background stories to be told 😂. Was it the "Where's Wally" team vs the "Crazy Wig" team? You have earned 50 points for your challenge, plus 10 points for an engaging story. PS - welcome back for Term 3!

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