Constable Care Safety School Visit

Noranda Primary school
Noranda Primary School

Rooms 5 and 6 visited the Constable Care Safety School on Wednesday 3rd March. The excursion was part of the Gold Connecting School Grant unlocked last year. The students had fun, with plenty of learning along the way. Here's what some of the students had to say...

"... even though we heard the drip, drop of the rain on the path, we were so excited to go on our excursion to the safety school. We were introduced to the team and then were divided into two groups. Soon, Room 5 were riding on their bikes and Room 6 went on the ipads to answer questions. After some yummy lunch, the two groups swapped and Room 6 were riding their bikes. This was the best part of the excursion. " Chelsea and Aura.

" I learned a lot and I would like next years, Year 4's to go on the excursion. " Hammad.

" It was fun and exciting." Hanaa.

" It will teach more people to be safer on a bike."

Thanks Your Move for this great opportunity.

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James (Your Move)

Such concentration in the Safety School classroom - and such looks of excitement when outside (in the rain!) on the circuit! Thanks so much for sharing these photos and thoughts from your excursion - you have earned 40 points for letting us know how you spent your Connecting Schools grant, plus a couple of bonuses - 10 for giving us a "great read" and 5 for the words straight from the horses' mouths. It's alway nice to hear about a great lunch, and I love that Hammad wants to share the love with the Year 4s too.

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