Footstep Fiesta

Tracie Doherty
Noranda Primary School

The Footstep Fiesta continues at Noranda Primary School as more staff members lend the Your Move team a hand to promote the active travel to school message.

Miss Di Labio has done a wonderful job updating our website with the new maps and diagrams of how to get to Noranda Primary School safely. The whole community can now view these documents on our website and hard copies will soon be available in the office.

Mr DePoloni has done a terrific job liaising with the Safe Route To School team and has his team ready to paint stop signs and footprints indicating the safest way to arrive at school.

It has provided us a great opportunity to involve students from years 3-6. Some are our student leaders and the other students aspire to become leaders. What a great way to foster peer tutoring!

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James (Your Move)

It is wonderful that the Your Move team are getting all this adult help along the way! Getting your access info out the whole school community has earned you 25 points. You have also earned 10 points for another great Noranda story!

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