Hands Up Heroes

Tracie Doherty
Noranda Primary School

Congratulations Noranda Primary School !!

We completed our Hands Up Survey this week with outstanding results!

We have had a 47% increase in cycling and a 1% decrease in people driving to school!

Wet weather has kept a few of us from walking but now our Safe Routes To School are clearly marked on pathways surrounding the school and our terrific brochures have gone home to families we are hopeful of a big improvement in the coming weeks!

Thank you to our Road Safety Committee who is quietly working away in the background to further investigate parking around the school. Meetings are scheduled and discussions are underway!

Hopefully, with our new and improved Bike Rack in 2022, our results will continue to skyrocket!

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James (Your Move)

Thanks for sharing your end of year HUS results Tracie - that 47% increase in cycling must be very satisfying. After the next couple of days rain I expect the numbers will continue to increase too 😎. You have earned 50 points for submitting your results and 10 points for your reflections here.

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