In it To Win It Winners!

Tracie Doherty

After some stiff competition this term, Room 6 has emerged as the triumphant winner of our active travel competition!

Congratulations to room 6, with a total of 28 students riding or walking to school regularly! A terrific effort from our year 1 class, with 27 students walking and riding to school regularly. Room 5 came third with 24 students riding or walking to school throughout term 2.

We think competitions are great motivators to get our community involved in active travel.

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James (Your Move)

Hi Tracie. Thanks for following up how the interclass comp went. Having classes with 24 to 28 students regularly using AT is a brilliant result. You have earned 15 points for all these details including sharing the actual results. What was the criteria for being considered a 'regular'?

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