Leadership Is Looking Good in 2022!

Tracie Doherty

After much anticipation (and waiting for Covid-19 bans to be lifted) Noranda Primary School can proudly announce that we officially have a new leadership team for 2022!

After a rigorous application process, where the students were invited to nominate and present why they would make good leaders, and after much debate from the Your Move Champion teachers we are pleased to announce that we have 6 team leaders for this year.

Each team member was presented with a Welcome Pack including a t-shirt, drink bottle, towel, wrist band and an event calendar. We are looking forward to our first meeting to begin to plan our term of events.

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James (Your Move)

I love those welcome packs the new team members received 🤩! Well done everyone for coming together to form the 2022 YM team - you have all earned yourselves 60 points, and Tracie you have earned another 10 points for your introduction to the team. I'm looking forward to hearing how the first meeting goes!

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