Wow! A very enthusiastic meeting was held on Monday 9th of May. Our new leaders came with such enthusiasm and terrific ideas to help us promote active travel.

Once we consulted the school calendar, we were able to select dates for our Wheelie Fun Fridays and National Walk To School Day.

We discussed the introduction of punch cards for the students this year. We talked about how we would store the cards, label them and keep track of them. Many ideas were put forward finally deciding on each leader being responsible for one task. The team will name the cards, place them on a collection table for students to pick up as they enter school, punch them then keep them for the students until our next event.

The leadership team decided that giving stickers or tattoos to students each time they were involved in an active travel event would be a good idea and a prize would be given after 5 consecutive travel events were attended.

We look forward to promoting this throughout assemblies and regular public announcements.

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James (Your Move)

Ah - just what I was waiting for - to hear how the meeting went 😊. It sounds like the ideas were flowing and some good decisions were made. You have earned another 10 points for sharing the details of the team's first meeting. Don't forget to update us after your first Wheelie Fun Friday and after this week's National Walk To School Day. Have a wonderful end of the week 😁!

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