Noranda's Little Legends.

Zarina Sallie
Noranda Primary School

On Monday and Tuesday this week, the RAC visited our school to present their program "The RAC Little Legends 'Around the Roads'. "

It was an engaging, fun and interactive approach to delivering road safety education to all our students, from Pre-Primary to Year 6. The students learned all about bicycle, pedestrian and passenger safety.

Our acting Associate Principal Miss Di Labio said; "The RAC Road Safety Resources and Incursions are high-quality teaching resources, which reinforce valuable skills for our students to become safe road users. Importantly, the program is aligned to the WA curriculum and was thoroughly enjoyed by students and teachers."

One of the students in Year 3 said; " I loved it all. I learned how to put on my helmet properly using the two-finger salute. " Ethan in Year 4 said; " It helped us learn about road safety a lot." Elie said; " We learned how to be safer in a car."

The Year One class loved how the RAC Road Safety program reinforced the road safety rules they learned at Constable Care earlier in the year. Mrs Doherty learned a good tip from our wonderful presenter Shonia, on how to cross the road with a group of people. It's very easy; place your hands on the shoulders of the person in front of you when crossing in single file. You can teach an old dog new tricks!

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James (Your Move)

I never thought I'd read about a two finger salute at Your Move 🤣! Thanks for sharing your Little Legends experience Zarina, Ethan, Elie and Mrs Doherty - the incursion has earned you 25 points. You have also earned 20 points for your detailed outline of how it all went and another 5 for giving the students' perspectives too.

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