NPS P&C RSC Meeting Term 2 Update

Noranda Primary school
Noranda Primary School

With restrictions now easing, the Noranda PS P&C Road Safety committee where finally able to meet this week. This committee provides an opportunity for parents, carers and school staff to come together to discuss ways we can improve the parking and traffic around our school.

The Principal reported back to the group on his meetings with DoE regarding the possibility of installing a Kiss n Drive, even the possibility of converting the staff carpark into one. The group had thought this might be a good strategy as during the period where parents were not allowed on campus, we saw a great improvement in the flow of traffic in the morning, with the ‘drop n go’ system in place. However, the Principal reported no additional funding would be possible from DoE and rather the funding for a Kiss n Drive would have to come from the school budget so the idea will be 'parked' for now.

The group are keen to highlight the safe routes and pathways that lead to our school from the surrounding area and approached the City of Bayswater seeking permission to mark up the pathways with safety stencils such as feet, smiley faces and stop signs, as suggested in the Your Move Safer Routes to school activity. We also plan to paint these same symbols on the school grounds to be used by teachers as teaching aides, so a great safety education tool as well.

The council has been supportive of our plans, and with a letter to Bunnings, seeking support of an in-kind donation so we can purchase paint resulting in a $100 voucher, we now just need to set a date and get the student Your Move team ready for action! We will be sure to post a story and photos once this work is complete in Term 3.

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James (Your Move)

Hi again Julie - thanks for this report on your recent planning session. It sounds like you have a really supportive Principal - a very important element for the success of programs like Your Move. Well done for your liaisons with the CIty of Bayswater too - another positive success factor. I think other schools will be encouraged to hear about Bunnings supporting your stencils with a $100 voucher. You have earned 15 points for your planning session, and a bonus 10 for sharing all those details.

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