Park n Walk initiative takes the next step forward

Noranda Primary school
Noranda Primary School

The Road Safety committee can finally share some exciting news. Way back in March this year, the committee and the school approached the Mayor and North Ward councillors of the City of Bayswater seeking an extension of two pathways to help our school community traverse more easily the reserve that adjoins the school. These pathways are key to the promotion of our Park n Walk initiative as families riding bicycles or on scooters, or those with prams, coming from this area are currently doing so across sand and grass.

A couple of weeks ago we had a verbal confirmation from a ward member that the pathway extension from the clubroom in the middle of the reserve to the path leading into the school bicycle cage had been approved in the 2021 budget. A blue marker on the grass this week in the position of the path tends to indicate that the job may get dome even quicker!

Also to happen this week, the school principal meet with City of Bayswater representatives to discuss the second path from the end of McCarthy Place to the pathway on Walmsley Drive. This is an unexpected bonus.

Another request that the committee had submitted to the city was for the parking embayment next to the clubroom to be marked with white lines as they were not already. This area is the ‘parking’ space in our Park N Walk initiative. Today the job was completed by the city and we now have 34 bays plus 1 accessible bay available for those who live too far to walk, ride or scoot to school. A notice has already gone out to the school families by the community FB page so let's hope we don't see quite so many cars around the front school gate this afternoon.(See below for before and after pictures.)

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James (Your Move)

Great work Noranda Road Safety Committee - you have done a great job working with the City of Bayswater to improve active transport to your school and to improve road safety too. Excellent news that your P&R is really getting cemented into the daily life of the school. Apart from the 60 points you received for the activity, I have also given you 10 points for sharing so many details of the background work of the committee in achieving those outcomes.

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