Super Cat’s Road Safety Story!

Noranda Primary school
Noranda Primary School

In Health last week, all the year 1s got together to learn about Road Safety. First, we watched a video about Super Cat helping children cross a road. After watching the video, Mrs Doherty placed us in to groups and we numbered ourselves, 1 through to 5. We then headed to the undercover area where we practiced how to cross the road safely. People numbered 1 and 2 crossed the road on foot, people numbered 3 and 4 crossed the road on a scooter and the person numbered 5 was the lollipop person.

After practicing in a group, the teacher called us all together and asked for the groups to take turns showing the whole class how to cross the road safely.  In my group was me, Cecelia, Halle, Jillian and Sophia. My part was crossing the road on foot. I did this safely by stopping, looking, listening and thinking. Even when the lollipop person held out the flags to cross, we still had to check it was safe to go.

Our teacher gave us a poster to make to put on our bedroom door or fridge at home to remind us of Super Cat’s Road Safety rules- Stop, Look, Listen and Think before you cross the road! I had a fun time learning how to be safe crossing the road!

Written by Annabel in Year 1

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James (Your Move)

What a great story Annabel - you have really brought your Super Cat activity to life with such a rich description! The year 1's road safety lesson has earned you 60 Your Move activity points, plus a bonus 10 for writing it up so nicely and a final 5 points for the story being written by a student.

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