Our advertising campaign is well under way in readiness for our visit from the Bike Dr. this Friday.

Each class is viewing an iMovie which explains that the first 30 bicycles to school this Friday will receive a free check-up, minor maintenance, and a detailed report which can go home for parents to follow up. Our Principal also sent out a message and this is what she said:

It is such a great, free opportunity to make sure our bikes are road worthy and we can keep riding them safely.

The Your Move team leaders have been on hand, in their terrific new uniforms this week to answer any questions students may have about the Bike Dr. visit.

We look forward to a terrific turn out even if we might get a little wet.

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James (Your Move)

I like how you have encouraged students to ride by offering the first 30 the bike service - that has earned you 25 points! You have also earned 10 points for promoting active travel through your school messaging service this term and another 10 for giving us lots of details! I'll ask my colleague Trev to help you sort out that video link. Have a great weekend!

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Thank you James for your help with the video. We found that it was an effective way to keep the students informed.

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