Year 6 Transperth

Noranda Primary school
Noranda Primary School

Grip Leadership Conference 2019

In term 1 week 8 Friday, the Noranda Primary School Leaders, Captains and Councillors, together with the faction Captains travelled by Transperth trains to the Perth.

The Grip Leadership conference was held at the Perth Convention Centre.

We took the Midland line from Bayswater and went to the Perth underground, when we got there a Transperth representative lead us to the Fremantle Line. We all got on the train and got off one stop later,

After attending the conference, we travelled back to Bayswater station where we were our parents were waiting.

The experience was a little over whelming but knowing that there was a representative waiting to guide us made the experience a lot better for us.

A safe enjoyable experience.

Onelee Year 6 student


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James (Your Move)

Great story Onelee! What an exciting way to learn the system and gain some independence. It sounds like your group did it without any adults - a real achievement! You have earned 25 points for your use of the Transperth system, 10 points for filling us in with all the details, plus a little bonus of 5 for it being from a student's perspective.

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