The bike rack was overflowing with festive orange wheels for Ride2School for Harmony Day. We capped off our 2-week event with raffle prizes drawn for student's who participated.

Students have kept this great habit going of actively walking riding or rolling to school. We look forward to continuing the momentum next term, with our next big active event being Walk Safely to School in May.

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Rebecca (Your Move)

Hi Robin. It sounds like North Morley PS is getting really active this year! That's fantastic! 40 points have been awarded for running a super active travel event. 60 points awarded as the YM student team is also up and running! Are those new modern style 'spoky dokes'?! I need to get myself a set! 😍 Just LOVE that you have the 10th May marked for a big event. 🚶‍♀️🚶

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