Walk Safely To School Day - NMPS

Emma Harris
North Morley Primary School

What a beautiful morning to encourage students to get active on their journey to school! Our Walking School Bus was in full swing this morning and we encouraged all of our students to walk (ride or scoot) to school today.

Many parents often cite concerns about the safety of their children walking to school as a reason not to engage in active transport. But walking with your children from a young age gives you the opportunity to teach them to be aware of their surroundings, road safety and stranger danger.

The research is clear that students who walk to school are healthier, happier and ready to learn. And they are much more aware of their own neighbourhood! Walk Safely to School Day allows us to really reinforce these messages.

Not only was it Walk Safely to School Day today, but assembly day - with our Green Team updating us on all things sustainability including the winner of our YourMove banner competition!! We can't wait to show you the banner when it gets back from the printers...

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James (Your Move)

Great photos Emma! Thanks for sharing all the positives about walking to school - since I have been working with schools (is it really 17 years already?) I feel there has been a big shift in families' view of risks and now many more see that the positives of walking to school far outweigh any negatives. You have earned 40 points for your event plus 25 for having a YM item in assembly in term 3. I too can't wait to see the banner!

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