How on earth is it week 7 already?! It's been a busy start to the term, and now our focus turns to planning and promoting active travel around the school. It was a great start to the year, with our Year 1 students taking Transperth buses to explore the Belmont hub earlier in the term. I'm sure there will be a story soon about their experiences.

We will be looking to our Year 5 group this year to help with planning and running events at Notre Dame, along with other staff, parents, and students who may like to join in on the fun. We will be looking to create a student team before the term ends to start planning some fun events for the whole school, including rides and walks to school.

As a school, we currently do have a lot of congestion during pick-up time, which is something we would like to ease with more students taking active travel options regularly.

More to come =)

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James (Your Move)

Welcome back Brett - and just in time to hit Bronze for a Super Boost application tomorrow! Great to hear about all the plans in the making - you have earned 20 points for the planning time and 10 points for sharing all the details of your plans for the year. You also earned 25 points for taking Transperth for you Belmont Hub excursion. We'll being staying tuned for your updates!

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