A couple of weeks ago Notre Dame started their first round of Bike Ed sessions with our Year 3’s, run by People on Bicycles. This was a part of the Platinum funding package that we received last year. The kids have been looking forward to this program all term and have already learnt some handy tips and tricks about keeping safe on their bikes. Here is a comment from one of our students participating in the program.

I have learnt how to fix a bike if it has a flat tyre. I learnt how to stop my bike really quickly to pick something up and keep going. My favourite part is doing races where you have to pick things up and give it to someone else and they drop it back down on the ground. Nathaniel (3P)

Many thanks to Christina and Chris who have been very helpful in running the program so far. Our last session will be next week.

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James (Your Move)

Hi Brett - great to see you and Notre Dame back on Your Move! We awarded you points for accessing the Connecting Schools grant back in April, so we can't do that again. But to thank you for sharing with us how the Bike Ed worked out and also giving us Nathaniel's perspective has earned you another 10 points. Hope to see you back here again soon 😊!

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