Last Friday, Notre Dame CPS participated in Ride2School day. Due to Covid protocols we had to slightly alter it to be a more family run format where families could choose to join up together to take an active travel option with their children. We had information put out on class communication sites as well as the school newsletter to help promote the day.

We thank Crawford Connell from the City of Belmont for providing the school with fruit and prizes for the day. The prizes included 2 helmets, 2 backpacks, slap bands, stickers and bike bells. The bike bells are always a big hit!

It was great to see so many younger students with their parents riding and walking to school this year, a big improvement from previous years. Below is a little summary from two of our fantastic Year 6 helpers for the day. We look forward to continuing promoting active travel options for our school community.

Last Friday, the Year Six group helped out with Ride2School Day. We all helped hand out some raffle tickets for the ride to school raffle they also handed out some prizes, like; slap bands, bells and stickers. I was surprised to see so many people riding to school, they even had to close a bit of the oval to fit all the bikes in. Many students chose to have their bike checked by the Bike Repair students. They had a checklist an went through the safety testing to see if their bike was safe to use. Eventually we ran out of prizes so we could only give out raffle tickets and stickers. It was a really fun morning and we hope to see more students riding, walking or scouting to school soon.

Bryce & James (6M)

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James (Your Move)

Hi Brett, Bryce and James! Thanks so much for letting us know how your Ride to School day event went. I love the idea of a student led bike checking element (that has earned you 15 bonus "innovation" points 😊). Great to hear too that Crawford the legend at City of Belmont has been helping out. You have all earned 40 points for your big event day, 22 points for promoting active travel in your newsletter this term, 10 points for a great story and 5 point for including James and Bryce's student perspective. Let us know (in another story) if your Year 6s are a permanent Your Move Team, and perhaps give us an introduction, and then you can also earn points for "Start a student team and have your first meeting". Have a great week 😃!

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