Last term we were lucky enough to have Jethro from WestCycle schools to assist us with our stencilling project we received from the Super Boost program that will aligns with our school access guide.

The Year 6 students were very excited to help with the project, here are a few pictures and testimonials from students who helped on the day.

Stencilling was fun because we got to skip school for an hour and you get to make a trail for people to walk to school and I learnt how to paint. We got paint all over us (Van 6M).

The stencilling project was when the year sixes had lots of fun to keep students safe when they walk or ride to school. The best parts of the stencilling project was when we got paint all over us (Nyree 6M).

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James (Your Move)

Haha 🤣 - I love that Van appreciates that you (and Your Move) helped the kids skip class last term! All for a good cause though 😊. Your year 6s have earned 70 points for their efforts in the Safe Routes project, and you have earned another 10 for sharing these details (including the students' perspectives which we always appreciate). Have a wonderful weekend!

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