Hands Up Survey for 2021

ruth dorrington
Osborne Primary School

Yesterday, Osborne Primary School has completed our very first Hands Up Survey for the year. It was pleasing to see that some students were riding or walking to school, but we still had large numbers of students coming in cars. Looking at the baseline data from last year, we have manage to improve on the overall percentage of active travel, although the weather and the fact we needed to squeeze our survey in this week due to students going on camp, may have also contributed to less that expected improvement.

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James (Your Move)

Hi Ruth - thanks for sharing your HUS results. Going from 68% car use to 56% is a significant positive result - so don't be hard on yourself! You are right though, that factors like weather and school camps can also have a big effect on survey results. You automatically earn 50 points for uploading survey results in terms 1 and 4, and I have also given you 10 points for your considered discussion of the results here.

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