OPS Newsletter T2

ruth dorrington

Parents have been informed via the school newsletter of all the fantastic Your Move activities that have been happening around Osborne PS this term.

Since stenciling footprints and stops signs along the pavements, inside our fence, we've noticed a big improvement of children and PARENTS walking their bikes through the school grounds.

We also had Natasha from Design works, conduct our second Hands Up Survey for the year. As you can see, coming to school in the car has reduced, bike riding has increased, (maybe because of our fantastic new bike racks) but we would like to see more walkers, in line with the survey numbers recorded from March. Maybe some parents, I think the weather plays a part at this time of the year, and so therefore drive? One we need to definitely work on.

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James (Your Move)

That is great news Ruth, that your stencils have borne fruit for both the children and the parents 😊. Yes weather seems to be a common deterrent in Perth - even with myself, I found that until I got some rain pants I was often reluctant to ride (or walk) in the rain. So maybe an umbrella and rain pants promo could be the go? You have earned 22 points for your Term 2 newsletter, plus a bonus 10 for your reflection and sharing all the details.

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