Hands Up Survey Week

Maria Clapsis
Phoenix Primary School

This week is HANDS UP SURVEY WEEK! We held our 'snack time' meeting as usual and discussed our plan to collect some data from around the school.

The hardest part of Hands Up Survey Week was choosing which students would get to actually collect the data.. we had 14 students volunteer! We decided to create a roster so each student could feel they were part of the process. Some students took colourful clipboards around the school to collect senior data, others collected data from the junior students (which was a very cute task to complete apparently), a few students created the spreadsheet tables and some lucky year four students presented the results at our school assembly.

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James (Your Move)

Hi Maria. Thanks for sharing how your team implemented their end of year HUS - that has earned you an extra 10 points on top of the 50 points you received for uploading your results. You also earned 25 points for presenting the results at the school assembly!

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Thanks for the extra points James. Christie is doing a great job with the stories.

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