Introducing... our 2024 Travel Team!

Christie Read
Phoenix Primary School

Phoenix PS are very excited to announce.. the year 3's are joining the Travel Team for 2024!

Last year we were able to successfully achieve Platinum status, with the support and enthusiasm of the amazing year 5 students. This year, these students have decided to re-join the team and help the current year 3's learn about the Your Move program too.

The junior Travel Team have already been creating posters for Ride to School day on 22nd March. These posters will be displayed on our class Connect page, the school Facebook page and on classroom doors.

We are aiming to use lots of BRIGHT colours and characters, to get as many students participating in the day as we can. Watch this space!

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Hello Christie, firstly congratulations on the schools Platinum status!! Well done to the year 5 students and their wonderful work. Very clever to have them skill up the year 3 students - your start up meeting is worth 60 points. The story has gained 10 points. Keep us updated on progress!! All the best for 2024.😊

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