Our excursion to the Constable Care Road Safety School!

Christie Read
Phoenix Primary School

On the 5th of December our class and the year 1's went to Constable safety school to learn about road safety and how to take care of your bike. Outside of the Constable Safety building, were bike roads and genuine traffic lights that work! There was also a railway (with no moving train of course!).. .which had moving boom gates too! We got to learn how to put a bike helmet on safely and learn how to do a bike check! Our class and B1 had so much fun it was great to see all the year ones enjoying the bikes and fun games we all did! Thank you to Ms Read and the rest of the travel smart team for making this happen!

- Jeremy and Emma, Year 5

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Emma Jack (Your Move)

Thank you Jeremy and Emma for reporting to us about your Road Safety excursion! That's 50 points for the excursion and 15 bonus points for your details!

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