National Ride to School Day

Maria Clapsis
Phoenix Primary School

Children who rode to school on the National Ride to School Day held on the 23rd March had their names recorded. The Travel Smart team then wrote out a raffle ticket for each person who took part. At an assembly in term two, the names of ten lucky children who rode to school on the National Ride Safely to School Day were drawn out by Ms Coen, our Deputy Principal. The children chose from a selection of special prizes including a bike lock, helmet, toys and erasable pens. There was a lot of excitement both from the winners and the audience !!!

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James (Your Move)

Hi Maria - thanks for sharing your term 2 Ride to School event. It's great to see all the smiles! You got 40 points for holding the event day with the raffle and another 30 points for your assembly item.

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