Travel Smart 'Crew' for 2023

Christie Read
Phoenix Primary School

Hello other schools! This is Phoenix Primary School students Koa and Lucy here. We are typing this to talk about our year 5 Travel Smart crew for 2023. Our team makes sure that everyone rides or walks to school at least every week - with a little bit of style! We hope everyone rides to school about once or twice (or more) to stay fit and active, but we understand that some students are a bit far from the school. If this is the case, we encourage people to walk halfway from their house to our school.

We would also like to raise money for our school this year and earn more Your Move points. We saw that St Francis of Assisi Catholic Primary School has 618 points and have planned so many events last year. We would like to do the same as they did. We already provide competitions with prizes offered to everyone who rides or walks to school. Look out for our first 'Walk to School Day' coming later this term.

- Year 5 students from Phoenix Primary School

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James (Your Move)

Hi Koa and Lucy - great to hear that the YM Team has launched into action for 2023. Forming a team and having your first meeting has earned you 60 points. You also earned 15 points for your engaging outline of some of your goals. I look forward to hearing how your first W2SD event goes!

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