Travel Smart Update Term 3!

Maria Clapsis
Phoenix Primary School

Our wonderful Travel Smart team have been working hard each week, collecting data from each class and selecting prizes for class winners. Each fortnight we acknowledge the class who had the most students either walking or riding to school. The class receive the glittering 'Golden Sneaker' in front of the whole assembly, as well as a box of games for them to enjoy as a class. Individual 'spot prizes' are also given out at both the junior and senior gates, to encourage even more Phoenix students to think of healthier transport options to get to school. Our team are busy planning their competition for the end of the term.. stay tuned!!

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James (Your Move)

Hi again Maria! I'm glad to hear that your Golden Sneaker award continues in Term 3 (that has earned you 60 points). I'm intrigued by this competition in the making 😁 - you have earned 10 points for your team meetings this term to plan it. You have also earned 10 points for all the details shared in this story. Have a wonderful weekend 😎!

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