New Repair Stations: QEIIMC cares about bike wear & tear!

Queen Elizabeth II Medical Centre Trust

Three out of four new bike repair stations have been installed at the Queen Elizabeth II Medical Centre Campus. It's a big place and locations have been chosen for staff, visitor and student convenience, including near the main E Blk entrance and the UWA lecture theatres. We're hoping this will encourage people to ride to QEIIMC with confidence and make tweaks and fixes on the go. One of our most common queries in office is, "Could I please borrow the bike pump?" - now people can access the pumps 24/7, even if they don't have access to the SCGH staff only EoTF (where we have also installed pumps previously).

The last bike repair station is pending ready for installation near a busy cafe and directly beside our biggest Multi-Deck car park here at QEIIMC. It might give some drivers of single occupancy vehicles inspiration to try riding as they stroll past! What's the hold up on this one, you may ask? We're also installing some new bikes racks at the same location - hurrah!

These are the Cora repair stations. We are looking forward to getting some feedback soon as we start redirecting people from our office to them, but we've already had some positive comments from the observant folks who have seen them popping up.

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James (Your Move)

How exciting to have this whole troop of bike repair stations rolling out! Make sure you let us know what feedback you get. My first question looking at the image, is whether the cables extend so that tools have plenty of reach? You have earned 50 points for getting these in place (plus a bonus 20 point for putting in 4 of them), plus 10 for sharing all your reflections. Make sure you update us on the bike parking too!

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