Spot the difference at the QEIIMC (hint: it’s a bike shelter!)

Queen Elizabeth II Medical Centre Trust

Can you spot the difference between these two sets of photos? Zero points for ‘the cars have changed’, ‘the weather was nicer’ or ‘an analysis of the image metadata and the shadow patterns have led me to conclude that the earlier photos were taken at approximately 08:34:16 AM, while the later photos were taken at approximately 10:43:32 AM a full 7 months later’. Ok points if you said the last one...

An abandoned shipping crate and desolate sand patch have been transformed into a spectacular new bike shelter! These 46 spaces will soon accommodate some of the bikes overflowing into garden beds at nearby locations where existing racks are quickly at capacity (as evidenced in my last, thrilling external QEIIMC bike parking update). The shelter is located close to UWA buildings on campus where bike racks see a lot of student use, and is also near to the PCH entrance.

If you have your glasses on you might be able to spot one, lonely bike already enjoying the shade. Hurrah! Since these photos were taken we have also had solar lighting installed to ensure the shelter is nice and welcoming, even through the swirling grey mists of dawn or creeping shadows of sunset. Our next step is to ramp up advertising and wayfinding to redirect people from the full racks to the new shelter.

I am also happy to report that on Wednesday, 21/03/18 we held a Bike to Work Breakfast with over 60 staff from a diverse range of tenants and department on the QEIIMC campus. No photos sadly, as the food was eaten and the guests long gone before I was awake enough to ponder the notion of documenting the event!

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Kylie (Your Move)

Installing bike parking gets a 80 automatice 'activity points' because having somewhere to secure your beloved bike when you get to where you are going is key, if we want people to ride more often. It is great to hear that you will be promoting your awesome new facilities.

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Wow!! What a fantastic initiative - that bike shelter is DELUXE! Did you get any grant assistance to build it?

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Queen Elizabeth II Medical Centre Trust

Thanks Francois! No grant assistance for this project - was funded by the QEIIMC Trust. :)

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Wow, that's fantastic! Love that you've installed solar lighting too!

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