Active Transport Day Term 1, 21

GORDON Macaulay
Swan View Primary School

At Swan view primary school, we committed to actively promoting an active transport event once per term. The National “Ride 2 School” day on the 19th of March fitted in perfectly for term 1 2021, and we were blessed with beautiful weather. Once again our proactive canteen manager, Teresa joined in on the promotion by offering a piece of fruit for the students who came to school using active transport. A $2 meal deal was also offered. At Lunch time we had a “Le Tour De School” to the basketball courts where all cyclists and scooter riders participated in a slow race across the courts. The winner was the student who could ride or scooter across the courts the slowest, in a straight line and without putting their feet on the ground. Some excellent balance skills were displayed. Afterwards the tour continued to the canteen were all the happy participants received an icy pole. We were pleased with the active transport improvement for the day with a 49% increase in cycling and an 11% increase in walking and the corresponding reduction in car use. Some of the students have now taken to cycling every day, a behaviour change that is very pleasing.

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James (Your Move)

Hi Gordon - and a big welcome back to Your Move for 2021! What a great way to kick off the year with your R2SD celebration - and not JUST fun and games but also with a 49% increase in cycling and an 11% increase in walking! Well done - you event day has earned you 40 points and another 30 points for addition in your Tour de School. I have also given a bonus 10 points for sharing your active travel rate improvements and another 10 for giving us a good read. Let us know if you also posted an article in the school newsletter!

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Hi James, Thanks for your comments and the points awarded thats puts us well on the way to recieving accreditation this year. The R2SD celebration certainly was posted in our school news letter.

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