RAC Road Safety Incursion

Vanya Thomas
Swan View Primary School

During Week 5 of Term 4 we welcomed the team for RAC Around the Roads Program to Swan View PS to fun sessions with ALL of our classes from PP to Year 6. Across the day students actively participated in fun and informative activities to learn about road & bicycle safety, passenger safety and "Going Green and Being Seen". We were very keen to improve our student's knowledge of road safety and their confidence when walking/riding to school. From the Pre-Primary students learning to cross the road safely to our year 6 students investigating and building electric cars it was a fantastic experience which we will definitely book in for 2024.

"I loved how the electric car could go straight forward and spin on command." Michael, year 6

"Making the cars out of batteries, motors and cables was really great. I learnt a lot and it was really interesting." Ragon, year 6

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James (Your Move)

Oh I like that phrase "going green and being seen" 😁! You have earned 25 points for this fun incursion. Great to hear that the whole school got involved and several of the younger year levels covered road safety related to active travel - that has earned you a bonus 10 points. Have a fab Friday and wonderful weekend Vanya!

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