Colouring Competition Success!

Brianna Dye

WOW what a term!!! 11 weeks is loooong and for the last week to be in lock down too! Our attendance was so low this week due to the lock down so I thought a little colouring in competition would be fun and wow did I get a great response from the school. Almost every child entered the competition. Everyone's work was beautiful and it was sooo hard to choose a winner!

So... I chose 3 from the upper school (Year 2-6) and 1 from each class in the Early Childhood Unit. Each winner was recognised at the assembly we held and each person received a prize out of the special prize box.

Staff were included in the voting system to decide on the winners after I shortlisted the best colouring in pictures, because trust me choosing a winner is HARD when every student puts so much effort in. (See the resource attached for instructions i gave to the teachers) The instructions were placed on the staff room table with the shortlisted colouring in pictures laid out.

Here is a close up of our winners from the upper school.

Here is a close up of our lower school winners.

The winners were announced at our final assembly where the Principal also recognised the Your Move Program and encouraged the children to participate to help our school reach our goal of Gold Accreditation.

How to implement a colouring in competition at your school.

1. I was completing a hands up survey and i thought it would be a good time to also ask who would like to do a colouring in competition (this was to save paper, and not just assume everyone wanted to do it).

2. I handed out the colouring in pages to the class teachers to give to the students who wanted them.

3. I chose two different pictures appropriate to their skill levels (one for Early Childhood and one for the upper school).

4. I asked to have the completed colouring ins by the end of the week before lunch time. This allowed staff enough time to vote on the winners before they were to be announced at assembly.

5. Announcing at assembly allowed our school to promote the Your Move Program to everyone and to recognise the hard work the students put in to their colouring in and reward them with a price.

The beautiful colouring in pictures will be displayed in the office next term to promote active transport.

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James (Your Move)

You have a great knack of putting together a wonderful story Brianna! Thanks so much for sharing how you ran your end of term colouring-in comp. It sounds like you did a great job of taking advantage of the interested sparked to promote active travel at your assembly too. The kids clearly put in a lot of effort - great to hear that you'll be using the result to further promote AT in Term 3. You have earned 25 points for your comp and 25 for the assembly, plus a big 30 points for your step-by-step descriptions and sharing your teacher instructions. Have a wonderful break and see you in a few weeks 😊.

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