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Brianna Dye

How's this weather at the moment!? It is soooo hard to get out of bed in the morning because it is freezing. Has anyone else noticed that it's windy and wet in the mornings and then the sun decides to come out once we're all at school? I certainly have, and this horrible weather is causing a problem for our active transport regulars!

I was hoping to begin using my new 'I love riding' and 'I love walking' stickers to reward those students who do particpate in active transport to and from school, however this weather has obviously impacted this!

I know momentum with these sorts of programs and activities is important and I wasn't going to let the weather get in the way of our progress to increase and improve our active transport here at SVPS. So I thought there is no better time for a fundraiser to raise some money to go towards the improvement of our bike racks, some padlocks for our new scooter racks and to improve the safety of our bike rack infrastructure.

Due to the weather it was decided that a pjyama day would be most successful and wow was it a hit! Almost every student wore pyjamas (apart from quite a few year 6' mustn't be cool to wear pjs to school at that age).

Even the staff got involved! (Any excuse to wear pjs to school right?!)

We raised a total of $223.05!! This amount of money will be a big step forward in improving the safety and quality of our bike and scooter rack storage here at SVPS. This event also helped to promote active transport within the school as teachers took the opportunity to explain to the students what the fundraising was for and the importance of active transport.

How we organised the day:

We created a note to go home with each student outlining the date, the purpose of the day, and to bring a gold coin. We ran into a problem where one kindy class would miss out (due to alternating wednesdays) and the pre-primary classes going on a excursion. To solve this problem we held a pyjama day on Tuesday as well for the 3 classes to still have the opportunity to particpate and to contribute to the fundraiser.

A notice went out from the leadership team in the staff news letter as well to inform staff about the day (some info is not entirely correct which I wish I wish i checked prior to release - we can apply* for the grant) to which they explaiend to their students as well.

A bucket was taken around to each class to collect the money on the day :) As you can see from the photos it was a successful fundrasing event and everyone enjoyed it. It is possible to still advocate for active transport on rainy days!

Although pyjamas have nothing to do with active transport it was a fun and weather appropriate fundraising event specific to the Your Move Program. It was a great success, and we raised awareness about the importance of active transport and money to support our bike and scooter racks, all in the comfort of our pjs :)

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James (Your Move)

What a great idea and brilliant outcome Brianna! Can you believe that we don't have an official YM "activity" for a fundraiser? I have have linked your story to the "grant" activity and you have earned 40 points. Can you also believe that I'm pretty sure yours in the first story on doing a YM fundraiser? So you have earned a bonus 30 'innovation' points 😍! I have also given you 20 points for sharing so many helpful details of how you did it. Catch you soon!

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Wow! I can't believe there is not an official fundraiser activity or that no one else has done one! I'm feeling super proud of this! Also i must correct the total amount we raised to $281.05 (some classes were missed on collection)! Such a fun and easy way to promote and support active transport i highly recommend anyone to do it! Thanks James :)

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