I am so lucky and grateful to have a supportive leadership team behind me at SVPS. It is a shared goal of all staff members at our school to provide our students with not only new bike and scooter racks but a fabulous, safe and weather proof structure where they can safely lock and store their scooters and bikes. This being said, I can't achieve this on my own. It is important to educate others on the program and let everyone know what you're doing around the school to improve active transport. It was with great appreciation that the leadership team acknowledges all that goes into running the Your Move Program here at SVPS. A notice was written in our weekly 'In the Loop' to let all staff members know about the Your Move Program.

OOPS!!!! ..... Notice the error? Someone forgot to change "Week 2" to say "Week 11".... oh well, at least the date is correct ha ha, this "In The Loop" actually went out at the end of Week 11.

Next step will be to promote the Your Move Program to the parents and community members as well as educate them on how they can help the school with future activities. We already have some volunteers eager to start a walking school bus, which I am very excited for!

We will be using the communications pack from the resource tab to convey information to our P+C members and then further to other parents through the fortnightly newsletter and assembleys.

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James (Your Move)

Nice work Ms Bri 😊! Yes getting help is such an important success factor with a program like Your Move - well done for taking this step. Your call-out in the newsletter has earned you 22 point, plus you have earned another 20 for sharing the actual article and for the details of your plans. I can see some future stories on activities like Volunteer Power, Start a Walking School Bus and Share Content from YM Comms Pack 😉.

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Thanks James! Your support means so much to a little low SES school like ours :) I'm excited for the new term ahead and look forward to posting more stories :)

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