New scooter racks WOO HOO

Brianna Dye

Woo hoo!!! Our new scooter racks have arrived! Annnnnd they're lockable might I add. We managed to save up a whopping 600 redeemable points to purchase these babies. Here is what they look like on the rewards shop:

Sorry it's not a very good photo.. but this is what they look like in person!

There are 12 spaces for students (or staff haha!) to park their scooters. They are also lockable - as you can see individuals just need to bring their own padlock and they can lock their scooter away safely.

I can already see the potential issues of students losing their keys. I plan to organise envelopes with students' names on them, in a box behind the front desk. Students can hand in and collect their keys for their padlocks to ensure they don't lose them and that they are kept safe.

Be prepared to build your scooter rack when it arrives as it comes in a flat pack box - we have some pretty handy staff members at SVPS who helped put ours together and we can't wait for it to be properly installed and one step closer to our new and improved bike/scooter rack infrastructure being complete :)

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Thanks Natasha! Much appreciated as always. I am very excited for the revamp of our bike/ scooter racks indeed. Thank you for the on going support to help us purchase another scooter rack! :)

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