Walk or Roll to School Day (take 2)

Brianna Dye
Swan View Primary School

Wow what a turn out we had today! Our second Walk or Roll to School Day was a huge success. I had a huge smile across my face while driving to school this morning because I could see soooo many students from SVPS walking, riding and scootering to school.

Just look at everyone rolling in to school from the street! This is a group of our lovely mums who get together and walk as a group. A great way to socialise with other families from the school and build our community :)

Check out this cool kid with his minecraft scooter and funky helmet with spikes! Bike and scooter safety can definitely be made to look cool that's for sure!

The canteen got involved again for this event providing students with a cheesie, hot milo, and some fruit all for just $2!! A great way to boost the sales for the canteen, woo hoo! And just look how successful it was, there was a huge line all morning! The students loved the opportunity to buy some breakfast from the canteen and enjoy it with friends too :)

This is a copy of the flyer that went home to every student on Tuesday this week to advertise the event!

Posters were put up around the school by our Active Travel Troopers on Monday (see attached resource), and they handed out stickers, from the rewards shop, today as a reward to those who participated in Walk or Roll to School Day. A great load off of my shoulders and a huge help! I am so glad i started the student team to help me, especially at events like this!

And of course, we collected some data to track how many students participated and to track our progress!

I learnt from our previous event that it would be much easier on myself and on classroom teachers if they were to fill out their own spreadsheets when conducting the roll. I handed out the spreadsheets to teachers yesterday with a little explanation as to what it was for :)

Our second Walk & Roll to School day was a huge success! Organising a regular term event is super easy, once you've done it once the second time is a breeze, and I'm sure the third time will be a walk in the park!

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James (Your Move)

What a brilliant outcome Brianna! I like how you explained the benefits of YM for the school to all the teachers on your roll-call printout - I'm sure that helped get the results in. You have earned 40 points for your Term 3 Walk or Roll to School Day, plus 20 for another detailed and engaging story. Enjoy the end of your weekend 😊!

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