Walking School Bus Blossoms in Spring!

Leanne Lee
Victoria Park Primary School

Wow what a turnout for the first day of Spring!

I suggested to the regular walking school bus kids that they invite a friend along to join us. And that’s exactly what they did! Our numbers literally doubled over night!

Let’s hope now that the weather is warming our numbers continue to increase.

An article will be placed in the newsletter next week reminding parents of the Walking School Bus service. We walk twice a week, and one of those days coincides with our weekly Walk, Ride, Scoot to School event.

Such a hoot walking to school with this fabulous group of kids!

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James (Your Move)

Great to hear, Leanne, that the WSB is striding ahead! You have earned 10 points for this additional update for Term 3, but a bonus 5 for sharing that simple by effective tip of inviting a friend. Have a wonderful week 😁.

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