Access Guide a Winner!

Arlene Yates
Warnbro Primary School

A lasting legacy of our 2018 YM Team will be the creation of our Access Guide, hot off the press just yesterday. What a great addition to the beginning of the year information pack! This great little resource will be available to the school community through the SkoolBag App. It could also be used by classes as an educational resource, in any number of applications.

The time that we took to gather the information required to put the Access Guide together was well worth it. As soon as we read about the Access Guide, we knew it was a winner. We just had to have enough points (500) to get the ball rolling. So story by story, the Team beavered away, earning sufficient points to get started. Then to gathering the information needed to formulate the Guide, such as:

  • Popular routes to school
  • Guarded Crossings
  • Bike parking
  • Kiss & ride

The Team undertook a class survey to ascertain which streets seemed to be the popular routes to school. We then widened this by asking families to complete a map indicating their routes to school. This helped us to select the 4 major routes.

Next each of the Team was asked to write a testimonal of a specific number of characters; easier said than done sometimes! All of the testimonials hit the spot but only 2 (& that's how many were needed!) came in at the required number.

Then to map our information onto the interactive map. With that completed our side of the bargain was done. Now to wait for the magic to happen & await the draft to be checked before becoming the real deal.

We planned to allocate Term 4 to getting everything ready for our Access Guide so hopefully the finished product would be ready for the new school year. The time taken & planning paid off, when last week after checking through the draft, we had our school Access Guide.

A Team effort all round. A very big WELL DONE & thank you to our 2018 Team. You have done us proud.

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James (Your Move)

Thanks so much for sharing with everyone not just the lovely map that was the outcome, but also the whole process from your school's perspective. You have received 40 points for doing the access guide, 20 bonus points for the details and another 10 for taking the time to upload the complete map (I took the liberty of inserting an excerpt directly into your story to make it a bit easier for readers to see immediately).

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Thanks James. Yes we are truly delighted with the result & would encourage all schools to earn the points to have their own.

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