Meet the 2024 Team.

Arlene Yates
Warnbro Primary School

My name is Arwen & I am part of the 2024 YM Team. I would like to develop leadership skills & confidence as well as something to put on my resume that would help me in the future. Team goals are to reach Double Platinum by mid-Term 4, 40% AT by the end of Semester 1 & make a new event.

I am Jess, a member of YM. I have always thought that YM looks very cool & fun, so why not join? I want to do stuff for the school & be part of a team. My goal is to bike or walk every day to school. As a Team, we want to achieve Double Platinum & design a new event.

I'm Ruby & I'm part of the YM Team. I'm doing YM because I want people to use AT to come to school. I want to be an AT role model for our school. My goal is to get my friends & family to choose AT more often. Some of our Team goals are to achieve Gold & Platinum & reach 40% AT by the end of Semester 1.

My name is Imogen & I am a YM member. I have always wanted to be a YM member because what they do is important to our school. I want to have a good & happy year with YM. Team goals are to make a new event, accomplish Double Platinum by the middle of Term 4 & have fun with all our activities.

Mentor's note: I assure you we have been working on this story for a few weeks but with so much activity at school & a Monday holiday it has taken us this long to complete! As always it heartens me to read of the individual & Team aspirations. By the way, a couple of events/competitions with the Team's stamp are on the boil!

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James (Your Move)

Hi Arwen, Ruby, Jess and Immogen - welcome to another fantastic year with Your Move! Given that you have clearly been busy working on your plans and goals you have earned 10 points for those planning sessions and another 25 for your insightful, student driven story! See you all again soon 🙂.

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Thanks, James. The Team can now tick off another goal reached (Silver)! Upwards & onwards!

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James (Your Move)

Whoo-hoo 🥳.

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