Delightfully Decorated Wheels!

Arlene Yates
Warnbro Primary School

Last week the Team assisted with Decorate Your Wheels, something which has now become an annual event. Here is the Team's account of the morning. Thank you to Mrs Hall for providing the photos.

The YM team, consisting of Arwen, Jess, Ruby & Imogen, helped with this year's Decorate Your Wheels. It took place on the basketball court & the sausage sizzle (afterwards) was located in the Science alcove. It was held on Friday, 23rd February. We always hold our wheels event early because Term 1 gets really busy.

There were lots of participants. We didn't count but I think about 40. We helped decorate the students' bikes & we talked to parents. We attempted to get there for 7:40am (successful!) to be ready to help out. Everyone paraded their decorated bikes & scooters around the basketball court. One little girl brought in a strange skateboard/scooter thing that everyone thought was adorable.

Not only did we decorate the wheels, we also had a parade & a barbecue breakfast afterwards. We handed out Family Activity books to all participants. The wheels were decorated with fabric, tinsel & ribbons.

We would like to thank Miss Murray, Miss Thomas, Mrs Crockenberg & Mrs Hall for organising the event. The best thing was that lots came to DYWs meaning that lots of people chose AT.

I think we could have a bit more variety in the decorations as they were mostly mix & match fabrics & ribbons. Maybe stuff like stickers could be included next time. Cleaning up as we went would save time at the end too because our Team ended up missing out on some class time.

Mentor's note: Thank you Jess, Arwen, Imogen & Ruby for all of your detailed observations. Your efforts made the day an outstanding success! Thank you to Mrs Hall for stepping in to be our school co-ordinator while Miss Wittber is on sick leave.

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James (Your Move)

Great team effort everyone! I love these "Decorate Your Wheels" events - such a fun way to increase the motivation to ride to school on the day. You have earned 40 points for your event plus 20 for your detailed account of the day.

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