And then there was ONE.

Arlene Yates

For the next 2 weeks, our Team numbers are drastically reduced due to swimming lesson times. So Tori & I will hold the fort. There is still plenty to be done with H-U data to be collated & preparation for next term's winter fun competition.

So far this term, apart from all the "usual" YM stuff, the Team has been getting planning in place for next term's competition. Finalization of drawings & posters is next on the list to be done. This is where the "artist-in-residence" (Tori) comes in! Tori, who has quite an artistic flare, will be completing the drawings sketched last week by all of the Team. Final touches like using the trusty fineliner to outline the drawings ready for copying & ensuring all the detail in the drawings is completed.

Tori & I have also been entrusted to make the prize selections for the competition so we will be kept busy.

Here some of our planning for next term's competition.

Also the Team has copies of the YM Action Plan which we have utilized this year to show at a glance the WHAT (Actions) & WHEN. OOPS! I need to make sure my Action Plan is up to date with Term 3's Events! (Winter Fun Cover Up!)

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James (Your Move)

Thanks for your term 2 update on your regular meetings, you automatically got 15 points for that, plus I've given you another 15 for your planning session and you got a little extra adjustment for sharing your planning docs. The swimming lessons should help with the floods that seem to be around at the moment!

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Thanks, James. I am continually inspired by the effort & enthusiasm of our Team. We hardly come up for air during our sessions yet each week the Team fronts up with big smiles & ready to get going! Lots of discussion happened before we finally had the plan for next term's competition.

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